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Knowledge centers taking on world wide challenges

Creating Value in Science

At the Brightlands campuses, researchers, entrepreneurs, and students collaborate to develop sustainable solutions to global challenges in materials, health, and nutrition. We are home to a conglomeration of companies—from multinationals to startups—with research institutes in practical and applied sciences, and centers devoted to study and education.

We don’t shy away from healthy competition, certainly not if something new and unforeseen comes of it. It’s what we call unexpected disciplines. We are dedicated to finding solutions to the problems that confront the world by improving our health, the foods we eat, and the materials we use.

The world population is increasing in size and age. We are dedicated to keeping people healthy, cleaning up the world around us, and making the energy we consume increasingly sustainable. In this way, we aim to improve the quality of life for all people.

We are here to create new products, improve existing products, and to advance the application of those products and production processes.

The bottom line? The close collaboration between companies at Brightlands enhances your scientific products and saves—and earns—you money.

We help turn ideas into businesses.

Knowledge Crossing Borders

Brightlands consists of four campuses:

  • Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen, which studies and develops high-performance bio-based and biomedical materials;
  • Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus focusing on biomedical imaging, regenerative medicine, and cardiovascular research;
  • Brightlands Greenport Campus in Venlo, developing nutrition solutions based on agribusiness, manufacturing, and logistics.
  • Brightlands Smart Services in Heerlen, developing talent and innovation in business and technology.

No longer can a single sector solve worldwide problems on its own. Now, research & business must collaborate. That's why Brightlands stimulates research & development that crosses disciplines and geographical borders to find new solutions. And, by doing this, we are taking the next step in the economic development of this great region by combining our excellent reputations. 


Judith van de Mortel, BrightBox

Growing crops under ideal conditions

Wouter van den Berg, Yparex

We can join anything to anything

Luc de Witte, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Care for the future

Ron Heeren, Maastricht University

Big Data on a microscopic scale

Yasin Temel, Maastricht UMC+

A couple of wires in your brain work wonders

Daniëlle Curfs, InSciTe

I believe in collaboration with multiple parties

Tinashe Ndoro, SABIC

His studies were his journey. His journey was his goal.

Victor Vreeken, Avantium

Inventor of the viability of new products

Maikel Beerens, Xilloc

A passionate techie in healthcare

Mark Post, Maastricht University

The concept of creating meat

Annemie Schols, Maastricht University

Eat well, move well, be well


Candidates can be nominated via the application form until Januari 15, 2017.

Marc Cornelissen | Brightlands Award

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