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Community member Tinashe Ndoro, SABIC

His studies were his journey. His journey was his goal.

Community member Annemie Schols, Maastricht University

Eat well, move well, be well

Community member Maikel Beerens, Xilloc

A passionate techie in healthcare

Community member Mark Post, Maastricht University

The concept of creating meat

Community member Victor Vreeken, Avantium

Inventor of the viability of new products

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Brightlands logo knowledge crossing borders

What is Brightlands?

At Brightlands we live to find solutions to the great global challenges in materials, health and nutrition. Leading international researchers, entrepreneurs, and students work together on healthy and sustainable solutions. Collaboration and cooperation that crosses scientific, geographical, and organizational boundaries.

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Knowledge Crossing Borders

Currently, Brightlands hosts two campuses: Brightlands Chemelot Campus with a focus on (biobased and biomedical) performance materials and Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus with a focus on health.

Modern problems often require collaboration between research & business fields. That's why Brightlands stimulates cross-overs in science, organizations and geographical borders. What unites us is that in both places molecular sciences leads to new solutions for society. At the same time, we take the challenge to make the next step in the economic development of this great region by combining our excellent reputations. 

Bert Kip, CEO Brightlands Chemelot Campus    
Jan Kees Dunning, CEO Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus