Areas of Expertise

Precision Medicine

Visualize anatomical, physiological or molecular changes in biological tissues

Precision medicine involves tailoring medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient. Diagnostic testing is often employed for selecting the appropriate and most optimal therapies based on the context of a patient’s genetic make-up or other molecular or cellular analysis of the biological tissues. The type of tools employed in precision medicine can include molecular diagnostics, imaging, and analytics/software.

Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus is equipped with advanced technology platforms that enable scientists and clinicians to perform molecular and imaging analysis ranging from the nano- to the macro-scale.

The M4I institute is a state-of-the art molecular imaging center that brings together a powerful palette of high-end, innovative imaging technologies. More specifically, the M4I is equipped with advanced facilities for mass spectrometry and electron microscopy. The institute conducts research in molecular imaging as part of a translational, synergistic and interdisciplinary program. While mass spectrometry is able to precisely define the molecular composition of a certain biological fluid or tissue, electron microscopy gives in-depth information about the structure of cells and other micro-organisms.

Scannexus is a European center of excellence in ultra-high-field human MRI, housing three scanners of 9.4, 7, and 3 Tesla, which are intertwined in various functions. Under the umbrella of Brains Unlimited, it provides a unique, integrated platform that combines state-of-the art technology with know-how (and access to patients), applying internationally renowned expertise in post-acquisition processing of data in relation to ultra-high-field MRI.

When it comes to radiotherapy, MAASTRO Clinic leads the way internationally in the fields of proton therapy and translational cancer research. MAASTRO works on the continuously improvement of the concept of individualized radiotherapy.

LAB Maastricht UMC+ is a facility for biomedical analysis and pharmaceutical services based at the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus. The highest level of diagnostics and pharmaceutical services are developed in the fields of clinical genetics, medical microbiology, nuclear medicine, pathology, radiology, transplantation immunology and tissue typing. LAB Maastricht UMC+ is a leader in the fields of prenatal diagnostics, radiology, molecular diagnostics and genome analysis.

The Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus is home to many start-ups that have emerged as spin-offs of our knowledge institutes, and many other start-ups choose to relocate to Brightlands to enjoy benefits of being part of our leading ecosystem. Some of our key tenants are PS-MedTech, ptTheragnostic, PathoFinder and Digitale Dermatoloog.