Areas of Expertise

Regenerative Medicine

Augment, repair, replace or regenerate biological tissues

Regenerative medicine encompasses a variety of therapeutic strategies that aim to augment, repair, replace or regenerate biological tissues. This emerging field involves various disciplines such as stem cell therapy, tissue engineering and bio-based materials.

Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus strives to achieve a leading position in the field of biomedical engineering and cellular therapies.

MERLN is our institute for technology-inspired regenerative medicine. It combines creative research with the training of an interdisciplinary generation of scientists. At MERLN, researchers aim to develop novel and challenging technologies to advance the field of tissue and organ repair and regeneration. RegMed XB stands for Regenerative Medicine Crossing Borders. It is a virtual institute incorporating Dutch and Belgian public (universities and governments) and private (health foundations and companies) partners that will work together to develop regenerative medicine solutions to health challenges. We believe that when researchers and entrepreneurs work side by side, we stand the best chance of offering the most impact for patients and society at large.

Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus is also a host to Lonza Netherlands, a leading contract manufacturing organization for cellular therapies and regenerative medicine in Europe. Boasting a proven track record, Lonza Netherlands covers the full range of manufacturing services, from process development to clinical trial manufacturing (phase I to III).

A part of CARIM (center of excellence for cardiovascular research), the Vascular Regeneration group, conducts studies within the context of four projects: basic mechanisms in vascular growth and morphogenesis, novel polymer-based delivery systems that enhance neovascularization, non-invasive imaging of neovascularization and design and testing of novel graft materials and coatings for arterial grafting. One of this research group major breakthroughs has been the development of cultured beef using tissue engineering methods.

At Brightlands, regenerative medicine activities operate at the interface of biology, engineering and entrepreneurship. Our team of experienced business developers works in close collaboration with the local scientific community to maximize outreach, development and the commercialization of research. Many innovative start-ups are based at our campus (Neuroplast, MosaMeat, CiMaas, Materiomics).