Gateway to Talent

A Tailored Knowledge Landscape

A Tailored Knowledge Landscape

The campus brings together regional companies and institutes for education, applied research and valorisation, such as Fontys Venlo, HAS University of Applied Sciences and Maastricht University (Venlo University College).

With the Innovatoren and Villa Flora as distinguishing landmarks, the campus site serves as a home to laboratories, testing locations, R&D facilities, upscaling research, incubator sites and training possibilities, and offers space for meet-ups between participants in training courses, start-ups and companies from within and outside of the region.

The campus also acts as a networking organisation in which questions cropping up from the business community, innovation activities, meetings, the development of new business concepts and the like are linked to the knowledge found in the educational institutes and the possibilities these training programmes and students can offer. This synergy provides education with permanent stimuli from the business practice, thus better enabling it to respond to educational issues. This benefits both business and education.