Bright Innovations Network Greenport Venlo

The Bright Innovations Network Greenport Venlo, or BING for short, focuses on the applied and practical innovation issues that entrepreneurs face. At the heart of this is the innovation in the agro-food sector including cross-overs with manufacturing and logistics within the context of the themes ‘safe and healthy food’, ‘future farming’ and ‘alternative raw materials and food (bio-based economy)’. The starting point is that entrepreneurs propose innovative ideas or support the research infrastructure, and that the initiatives offer possibilities for open innovation. In order to support suitable initiatives for entrepreneurs and to encourage the creation of links to agricultural and horticultural companies on the campus, an accessible support desk has been set up. The BING desk is the central point of contact for obtaining responses to innovation questions from agro-related entrepreneurs within the context of the themes at the Venlo campus, and serves as the starting point for potential support for innovation projects, or to act as the ‘connector’ to other campuses, networks and the like.

Who can benefit from the BING desk?

The BING desk is designed to help entrepreneurs who would like to innovate within the context of the themes pursued at the campus. Entrepreneurs also benefit from the initiatives that lead to new investments and facilities at the campus, or from business plans that make use of the existing campus facilities or those with a connection to the campus. In order to strengthen the bond between the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo and the entrepreneurs active in agriculture and horticulture, the BING desk is also the point of contact for all entrepreneurs in the agrarian sector in Limburg who have questions involving innovation, new earning models and the development of skills.