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Join the sports community and take part in the Brightlands Chemelot Campus Vitality Program: free access to sports facilities and sports clubs.

Physical exercise is good for your mind, body, and spirit. We all know the physical benefits of practicing sports. But team sports are also good for learning accountability, dedication, leadership, among many other traits. Thus, practicing team sports makes you a winner!

Good reasons to join our sports community and take part in Brightlands Chemelot Campus Vitality Program. Brightlands Chemelot Campus offers campus members (with a campus pass) the Brightlands Vitality Program for free. This means you get free access to sports facilities at the Merlin Center Court - approved by your management, powered by ODS.

Click here for more information about the Vitality Program and the weekly planning. 

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We are looking for people who want to represent their company to think about the content and development of our vitality program. Please contact us or send us your ideas or comments!

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Do you want to join our sports program, attend one of our classes or try out our new gym facilities? If you want more information about the sports program, nutrition, or training, you can contact Tom van Dijk, Maxime Berghmans, Tjeu Kaelen, or send an e-mail to brightlands [at] fysiobastiaens.nl. For management-related questions, you can contact Noor Bastiaens.

Tom van Dijk
Tom van Dijk
Brightlands core workouts
tomvandijk [at] fysiobastiaens.nl
Maxime Berghmans portret
Maxime Berghmans
Brightlands totall-body workouts
maxime [at] fysiobastiaens.nl
Tjeu Kaelen portret
Tjeu Kaelen
Brightlands desk workouts
tjeu [at] fysiobastiaens.nl
Noor Bastiaens
Noor Bastiaens
Manager Brightlands Vitality Program
noor [at] fysiobastiaens.nl

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BCC Verberne, Astrid.
Astrid Verberne
Manager Community Development
Astrid.verberne [at] brightlands.com

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