Corporis Medical

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Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus
Oxfordlaan 55 6229 EV Maastricht, Nederland (Google Maps)

An innovative start up focussing on the development and commercialization of innovative medical devices that improve outcomes of surgical interventions.

Corporis Medical is a medical device company that aims to overhaul the surgery field. As such, Corporis Medical current focus lies in the improvement of surgery outcomes by developing innovative medical solutions. These solutions will improve safety and efficacy of surgeries, but will also ease surgical procedures for surgeons and as a result, potentially save thousands of lives and reduce surgery accompanied healthcare costs.

Multiple complications of surgery must be addressed before surgery can become a highly safe and effective procedure. Corporis Medical is convinced that they are able to overhaul the surgery field by drastically improving the safety and efficacy of several currently performed surgical procedures. The solution that we set out to create lies in the easy-to-use and cost-effective medical devices that aid surgeons active in all surgical fields. Once implemented, they will improve surgery outcomes, reduce morbidity and mortality rates, significantly decrease rehospitalisation and drastically decrease post-surgery complications, resulting in patients’ life improvement. As a result, the surgery field as a whole will be drastically improved.


"Minimize post-operative complications with smarter surgical tools"


"Develop innovative solutions for (minimally) invasive interventional procedures by improving access, closure and diagnostic measurements"

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