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Fited is bringing digital innovation to medical bracing and prosthetics. We use 3D printing, machine learning, remote sensing, and our patent pending CAD technology to create elegant, accurate, custom-fit products in a safe and accessible process.

Our first product is a pediatric Scoliosis brace, though our software scales across medical bracing and prosthetics with a $11.5 Billion market.

Moving away from plaster casting and hand molding, we are building a software platform to improve bracing and prosthetics. Our mobile app for awareness and early detection helps more children receive timely care. With digital prescription using only photos, we eliminate plaster casting or other special equipment. We built design software which uses machine learning to algorithmically create 3D models that uniquely fit each patient and iteratively improve product fit. 3D printing enables us to create flexible, personalized products in a repeatable process. Sensors empower Doctors with real-time data. We completed prototyping of our software and first product, and are currently testing the Scoliosis brace.

Started by Akanksha and Erdem, the Fited team comes from leading innovators across the United States, Europe. Akanksha built scalable 3D software at industry pioneers Autodesk, BodyLabs. Erdem has 15 years experience driving product strategy for pharmaceutical, social networking, and medical products. They collaborated at 3D printed orthotics company SOLS.


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