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Genax B.V.
Oxfordlaan 70 6229EV Maastricht, Nederland (Google Maps)

About Genax

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Genax is a company founded in The Netherlands with the mission to commercialize innovative textiles for personal protection, mainly against electromagnetic radio waves. Based on a patented product technology, the company has developed and tested a new shielding textile which is:

  • Thin
  • Tuneable 
  • Single-layer 
  • Double-sided

Genax is led by Michele Genangeli, double PhD, scientist and entrepreneur with a successful track record in closing the gap between business and academia, as well as identifying products of success and creating business opportunities.

The Genax team includes highly skilled professionals, such as business developers from the Brightlands innovation campus, textile and textile market experts, skilled R&D specialists, and top Italian textile producers who are working with the top end of the fashion and health industry. Genax has an extensive network of key opinion leaders and high-level vendors/collaborators.

The Genax solution/product

Genax's shielding fabric can be easily incorporated into everyday clothing for consumers. We have identified 4 main industrial markets to focus on for which Genax's fabric can be of increased benefit for the health and safety of the employees in the following fields:

  • Telecom market is a constantly evolving and growing market.

  • Police/defence: While fulfilling their duties, police and defence personnel are in constant proximity of radio equipment held close to their body to stay in constant communication with each other. 

  • Health: Although MRI machines do not emit ionizing radiation, they still produce strong EM fields. 

  • Garments: It is a multi-billion-dollar market where people are becoming more and more aware of the issue with radio waves. 

Product in our campus news

Genax: bescherming tegen straling
23 juni 2020

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