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A Wide Range of Services and Support

Services to support our tenant companies and employees

Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus offers a wide range of services that are designed to support the growth ambitions of our tenant companies and the people who work here.

As well as functional support the campus also aims to support and build the sense of togetherness and community that characterize the campus and Brightlands as a whole, and which are key factors in our innovators' success. Brightlands and its tenants can move mountains when everyone works together—sharing advice, establishing networks, buildings contacts, and making use of everyone's expertise and experience in a wide range of fields. Below is an overview of the services the campus offers.

Community Movie

We all have ideas, dreams and ambitions. We all want to work on providing the best possible health care, now and in the future. Our approach here in Maastricht is both smart and dynamic: we put our heads together and join forces. We learn from and with each other; we share experiences, and contribute and receive knowledge.

Vitality Program

Getting fit, being fit and staying fit is the basic conviction prevailing in preventive health care. This applies to everyone, even you, as an employee at the Health Campus. Click on the button below for all the information and registration.

HR Services

Looking for a Job?

Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus is home to some 7,700 people who work in a wide range of varied and fascinating companies and organizations. The campus can help potential new employees find current vacancies and learn more about the companies and opportunities available on the campus. The campus also works with an external careers service that advertises vacancies in the surrounding region, in the Netherlands, and internationally.

Looking to Recruit?

The campus actively helps its tenants to find and recruit top talent. The campus shares vacancies across its social media channels and works with an external careers service that advertises vacancies in the Netherlands and internationally.

Event and Congress Services

Telling co-tenants and the academic and business world about the research, innovations, and just great ideas coming out of the companies and organizations on campus is an essential element in the services offered by Brightlands.

This is made easier thanks to the fact that Brightlands is the only health campus in Europe that has its own conference facilities, thanks to the presence of MECC Maastricht on the campus grounds. The campus can therefore facilitate every kind and size of seminar, congress, meeting, and presentation, and help promote events via the Brightlands website and social media.

For more information visit the websites of our partners:

Housing Services

Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus offers a large number of very different types of accommodation to suit the needs of every kind of company. The campus is also happy to help companies find and configure their ideal location. Below are some examples and ideas regarding currently available accommodation on the campus:

Communication Services

All the companies and organizations at Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus share a common communicative goal: to make Brightlands bigger and stronger. We do this by working together to help each other create solid, clear, and consistent corporate communication.

What’s more, we are happy to make our expertise, experience, and network available to our tenants. Our Communication Services include:

  • Writing communication plans
  • Providing a sounding board for communication plans and offering advise
  • Developing and writing brochures, flyers, websites, invitations, newsletters, annual reports, etc.
  • Sharing our tenants' news via the monthly Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus newsletter
  • Developing house styles
  • Purchasing printing services and leveraging economies of scale
  • Common group on LinkedIn
  • Social media support via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube
  • Help in starting your own social media channels
  • Help in writing press releases
  • Sending press releases to the campus's media contacts
  • Spokespeople

Campus Development Services

Campus Development Services is responsible for the overall development and evolution of Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus. On one hand this involves creating a harmonious environment with a clear visual identity, including plenty of green spaces and casual and formal meeting places. On the other it involves ensuring the facilities, grounds, and overall location meet the needs of the campus's tenants. From smart road planning and practical public transport, to sufficient and clear and consistent signposting. The department is responsible for creating and maintaining a complementary architectural style and the campus grounds that functions.

Networking Services

The first step in working together is to get to know each other. Networks generate and distribute knowledge, and, with luck, lead to next steps.

Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus therefore regularly organizes various kinds of network meetings. These include networking sessions either at a central location or at a particular company that has something specific to share.

The campus calendar lists upcoming events.

Stay in Shape with Brightlands and UM Sport

Brightlands Maastricht Community Members are able to stay bright and fit thanks to the new cooperation between the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus and UM SPORTS. Tenants will be able to use the facilities at UM SPORTS with their Brightlands Community Pass. Find here more information about how and when you can participate!

Business Services

Setting up and growing a business demands a different set of skills to being a world class researcher. Brightlands' in-house business consultants can help start-up enterprises fill any gaps in their business know-how, provide advice, and act as a sounding board. Business Services can help with:

  • Making business plans
  • Assessing business plans
  • Facilitating business developers
  • Pointing companies to sources of support and information
  • Value Creation
  • IP registration and protection
  • Preparing contracts
  • Assessing contracts
  • Fostering contacts around the globe
  • Participation in trade delegations and visits to trade fairs

Investment & Financing Services

'How are we going to finance our plans?' is a recurring question for every potential and successful entrepreneur. Brightlands' experienced advisers can help with ideas and good advice.

For more information about investment and finance go to our Venture Capital pages or contact us.

Health venture capital options

Maastricht Center for Entrepreneurship

The Maastricht Center for Entrepreneurship (MC4E) introduces students to entrepreneurship and studies the financing issues faced by ambitious entrepreneurs.

Business Creation

The region in which Brightlands is situated is home to a number of leading life science companies that form a potential network for campus start-up companies. These include Medtronic's Bakken Research Center, Boston Scientific, and ESaote. BioPartner Center Maastricht—the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus incubator—is home to more than twenty new companies.

Licensing Opportunities

Besides setting up a business, another way to turn knowledge into income is to license it. The Maastricht Value Creation Center supports researchers by explaining the various licensing models and advising on the best options in each situation.


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