Insight into DNA gives you more control over your future

Not everyone has the same chance of developing a chronic illness. Although a certain predisposition for this is built into our DNA, the right lifestyle can considerably increase our chances of living longer, happier and healthier lives. But what is this right lifestyle? What applies to one person doesn’t necessarily have to work for someone else. Located at the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, MyBasePair helps identify individual potential in three areas: HealthPotential, SportPotential and SkinPotential. These products enable doctors and coaches to provide their clients with customized advice. 

MyBasePair originated from the desire to create personal risk profiles for chronic diseases using DNA analysis. These profiles allow doctors to provide individual lifestyle recommendations that can make the difference between getting sick and staying healthy. In order to make thorough DNA research possible, an enormous quantity of scientific research on chronic diseases was analyzed. “Which genes are linked to certain diseases? How are these affected by lifestyle? Which factors can actually prevent these diseases? It is not the latest studies and insights that are guiding in this regard, but the large amounts of proven research,” says Maurice Zeegers, the founder of this concept. It is the synergy between research and entrepreneurship at the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus that makes the scientific foundation of MyBasePair’s DNA research so exceptional. 

MyBasePair’s Health Potential test is not diagnostic, but analyzes which diseases can manifest themselves in the future. The DNA analysis is combined with a questionnaire on lifestyle. The combined results provide tools for preventing disease or enabling optimal coping mechanisms for limitations. People who are looking for more control over their lives will find the answers in their own DNA. 

Since this knowledge can be scary for some people, MyBasePair only works through the intervention of professionals. Patients provide their doctors with saliva samples and receive personalized recommendations from these doctors a few weeks later. The DNA test becomes the starting point for a long-term procedure within the local health network. In addition to the exceptionally strong scientific foundation, this is a second distinctive feature of the MyBasePair products.

As a professor of Complex Genetics and Epidemiology, Zeegers knows better than anyone that there isn’t a single set of recommendations that will help every individual make progress: “A DNA analysis can help you give people very specific recommendations. This is why it wasn’t just health professionals who were fascinated by this concept, but sports coaches were also enthusiastic. After all, a person’s genetic predisposition for oxygen uptake, acidification or sprinting capacity is visible in their DNA. These types of traits can predict athletic performance and form the basis for individual training advice.” The skin is the third research area. With Skin Potential, the predisposition for skin disorders, rough skin or pigmentation spots can be examined in DNA. These studies also yield specific lifestyle recommendations. 

In addition to the high quality of MyBasePair’s DNA analyses, the lifestyle questionnaire is extremely well-thought-out. This sparked the interest of companies who can benefit from the prevention of disease, such as health care insurers and employers.