Together, we are Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus

Charles Beckers has made this statement, or a variation thereof, on many occasions. As the manager at BioPartner, he supports both starting and established businesses. Additionally, as Community Development Manager, he is the “linking pin” between all the organizations, companies, institutions and educational programs at the Campus. Charles: “More precisely actually: between the 9,000 people who work and study at the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus.”

“We all have ideas, dreams and ambitions. We all want to work on providing the best possible health care, now and in the future. Our approach here in Maastricht is both smart and dynamic: we put our heads together and join forces. We learn from and with each other; we share experiences, and contribute and receive knowledge. There is undoubtedly someone here among all our colleagues that can help you take that next step.”

The Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus team has experienced explosive growth over the past year, and can offer answers and advice on a variety of fronts. Charles: “Our work starts with taking a good look around and listening closely so that we know what is going on and who is working on what. We are constantly looking for ways to connect and create partnerships. We don’t just bring people together; we also build the link between fields. Not only do we share information, we can also support researchers and (future) entrepreneurs in areas such as financing, IP rights protection, marketing, HR, administration and so on. This gives them the space they need to focus on what they’re good at.”

Charles knows better than anyone how important it is for people to get to know each other, find out who does what, and share experiences. After all, this is how every form of information sharing and collaboration starts. So, long live the added value of what is overheard in the hallways? “Definitely, but why should you leave these encounters to chance? We actually take an extremely active approach to bringing colleagues at the Campus together in many different ways. This might be through networking events, master classes or even getting involved in sports together. After all, there’s a reason we are now introducing the Brightlands Vitality Program. Participating in sports connects people, and it also fits perfectly within the whole health concept. The stronger the community, the more ideas we can successfully put into action. The success of a business contributes to the Campus’s success. And a strong Campus increases the likelihood of success for the companies based here. Together, we are responsible for this strong community and these successes.”

The Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus is becoming even more clearly visible. We are seeing the logo more and more these days: on signs, flags and soon also on buildings, and even on the shirts worn by the running enthusiasts taking part in the Maastrichts Mooiste race. Charles: “More visibility and brand awareness is naturally a great and necessary goal. Even more important however than all this outward show is that we share our stories and realize that we are all smarter and stronger when we work together. This is when we can all create something really fantastic here.”

Meet. Listen. Help. Be smart about working together. This is where it begins. Anyone wanting to find out more only needs to contact Charles and the entire team at the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus - they’ll be more than happy to help!