Brightlands organizes together with UM SPORT and MUMC+ Sport en Beweegt a Start to Run course that starts on Monday 18 November 2019. Your perfect preparation for Zweit veur Leid on 9 February 2020! 

General information

  • Day: monday
  • Time: 17:15-18:15 hours
  • Dates: 18 November 2019 to 3 February 2020
  • Location: Departure from the pond in front of the main entrance of the hospital MUMC+ (Randwyck campus)
  • For who: All employees of Maastricht University and Brightlands. MUMC+ employees must register via MUMC+ intranet.
  • Membership: not required, you pay €10- once, for participation in this start to run.

Sign up and start to run!

This start to run group is offered to you by UM SPORTS, Brightlands and MUMC+ Sport en Beweegt.

What is Start to Run?

Do you want to start running? Starting alone with running is quite difficult. It is important to build up slowly and in a responsible way. You will learn this in this Start to Run course. Together with other beginning runners you will learn in 10 weeks how to properly run and where to focus on.