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“Patient stratification for personalised radiotherapy”, that is what we at ptTheragnostic stand for.

Healthcare has gotten more challenging and expensive throughout the years. Finding the right treatment for the right patient is essential to continue the delivery of high-quality, individualised healthcare. ptTheragnostic has three core proprietary technology platforms to enable this:

1.    MitoTx: genetic test to predict complication risk

2.    PRODECIS: decision support for protontherapy

3.    PREDICTapps: apps for tablets & smartphones

ptTheragnostic will be the first company offering a reliable method for the stratification of patients which are predicted to benefit from proton therapy compared to photon therapy. The strategy of ptTheragnostic is to develop, sell and provide services which support radiation oncologists in making treatment decisions on individual cancer patients. MitoTx™ has been developed as a molecular test towards personalised radiotherapy by predicting an individual patient’s risk for radiation-induced complications. Reduction of the personal complication risk may be achieved by providing proton therapy to the patient. PRODECIS™ has been developed towards the four model-based indications that are approved for proton therapy in the Netherlands (head/neck, lung, prostate and breast cancer). The platform will compare photon and proton treatment plans in order to translate a dosimetric benefit of proton treatment plans into clinical benefits. Clinical decision support systems for proton therapy will be crucial to guide clinical practice and requires a cost-effective approach for reimbursement of the associated healthcare costs.


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