Business Development Manager

(fulltime (40 hours))

Who are we?

Brightlands Chemelot Campus is Europe’s largest innovation campus for the chemical and materials industries. It is home to more than 100 companies and institutions and to 3000 knowledge workers and 1200 students. It is our mission to provide a physical environment where people with complementary knowledge and experience find each other to create solutions for the benefit of both business and society.  We do this by bringing together business, (applied) research and education in one unique, open and innovative ecosystem.

The context

Brightlands Chemelot Campus is operated as a commercial business. Attracting companies and institutions is essential to sustain the campus both as an exciting place to work and as a viable economic concern.

The Business Development department is accountable for the growth of the campus by attracting new tenants. The work starts with the selection of target groups with high potential in terms of growth and technology development. For these groups, the right product offer must be developed, which is a mix of physical facilities (buildings, infrastructure), services, knowledge, and community. With this -continuously evolving- product, prospective tenants are identified, approached and guided towards a presence in our ecosystem.

Prospective customers vary greatly, from Asian and American companies that seek expansion into Europe to young companies that want to take their first steps to upscale their technology, from knowledge institutes that seek the interaction with industry whilst contributing their intellectual energy to service providers. All are grouped around the core strengths of BCC: plastic materials and their applications, process technology for a sustainable world, and regenerative medicine (biomedical materials, cell therapy). 

The job

The Business Development Manager reports to the Director Business Development.

What will you be doing as Business Development Manager?

  • Accountable for identifying, approaching and guiding prospective customers towards presence on BCC;
  • Responsible for the advanced materials (material sciences) and advanced processes (chemistry, process technology) markets;
  • Accountable for the scouting, screening and selection of target groups;
  • Accountable for analyzing their needs and for creating a compelling offer of facilities, services, knowledge and community, in close cooperation with various other teams;
  • Develop ways to their reach out per target group and in doing so, tracking and adopting new developments;
  • Know how to attract and find the target population, you develop a product assortment to attract customers and to further build our brand;
  • Work in close collaboration with the Communication team to develop effective ways of routes to market;
  • Manage prospective customers until unequivocal request for a housing offer, in close collaboration with the conversion team;
  • Create liaison and synergy, by working closely with the conversion team;
  • KPI is the number of customers (counted as FTE’s) that request for an offer.

Your background

Value creation, collaboration and making good on one’s promises are the values of Brightlands.

Are you the right person for this job? If so, you will meet the following job requirements:

Degree-level qualifications

  • Education in chemistry, chemical engineering, material science or biomedical materials/cell therapy
  • Customer-facing experience in a commercial role (sales or technical service)
  • Experience with complex selling, dealing with multiple stakeholders in processes that can take years
  • Energetic personality, someone who can make impact and who is remembered and helps building awareness of the campus
  • Able to attract customers within a highly specialized context by strong strategic / consultative selling skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to quickly understand a variety of chemical and technological situations (not expert-level)
  • Understanding how business is done (especially within startups/scaleups, and around innovation and investment)
  • Business credibility, can talk to senior management and owners
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English
  • Action-oriented, ready to do things him/herself
  • Optimistic, sees opportunities, does not give up easily

What are we able to offer?

Brightlands Chemelot Campus is a rapidly evolving organization and keen to promote this same sense of dynamism among its workforce. We can offer you a competitive salary (max. 105.253 (for a 40-hour working week)) and a generous package of fringe benefits. We value a fit and healthy lifestyle and encourage you to make full use of the facilities on the campus. Flexible working hours will help you decide on the best home-work balance for you. In addition, you will be given the chance to work in an innovative and dynamic working environment among global intellectual leaders in the field of chemicals and materials and to help build on the economic successes of Limburg.

Climb aboard!

Are you interested or do you have any questions after reading this job vacancy?

If so, please contact Eric Appelman,

Do you share our ambition and do you see yourself doing this great job? If so, send an email to:, before 14th March 2020.

Please note: this deadline for application is indicative and may change as a result of it being taken offline depending on demand.


We do not value business solicitations in response to this advertisement.