Software Engineer

With an interest for “clinical Radiomics”: advanced AI image analysis

In this role, you will implement a secure clinical software based on a big data framework in both local and cloud computing environments. You will contribute to the integration of image processing and machine learning algorithms into our applications (see animation on www.radiomics.wold). Part of a multi-disciplinary R&D team under the supervision of the CSO and CTO, you are a key contributor to software development projects. Through specifications, conception and coding of applications, you are instrumental in improving Oncoradiomics Technologies’ software solutions for the processing and handling of medical images. Agile by nature, you are expected to participate in multiple projects.

The opportunity to collaborate and visit several leading centers in Europe is afforded.

We are looking for a positively minded individual motivated to apply themselves, learn new approaches, and ready to work hard to build a successful career and company. Our ideal candidate:

The main tasks:

  • Expand existing software to meet the request for new functionality
  • Implement algorithms (e.g. radiomics/image processing) published in literature
  • Optimize performances of existing software
  • Port existing software to other environments, e.g. Python or C++
  • Focus on creating fault-tolerant programming
  • Create scalable, automated and customer-oriented solutions
  • Establish multi-platform versions of the software package (Docker)
  • Write and execute system tests for existing code to ensure validation and verification
  • Write documentation for regulatory clearance
  • Optimize the performance and design to avoid crashes, circular wait, deadlocks … etc.

The essential skills:

  • Bachelor of computer science or equivalent
  • 2+ years’ software development or programming experience, medical software preferred
  • Extensive experience with Python, C++ and Matlab programming languages, Java a plus
  • Experience in (medical) image analysis/processing is a plus
  • In-depth understanding of medical image standards, e.g. DICOM

Personal skills

  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Eagerness for learning new technologies and concepts.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team when required.
  • Communication skills
  • Team player attitude with a willingness to lead when necessary
  • Devotion to continuing education on an annual basis

Conditions of employment and salary are highly competitive. Furthermore, our contract offers an extended package of secondary conditions, among others a holiday bonus, a yearly bonus, bonus to work from home and excellent health insurance arrangements. For international candidates, a compensation for moving can be applied.

Further information will be gladly given by
Dr Sean Walsh, CSO:
Dr Ralph Leijenaar, CTO:
Dr Samir Barakat, PDS:

Your application letter and curriculum vitae should be submitted via email.