Call for applications: looking for hardcore dudes & dudettes to join our rockstarteam



Just a few days  ago, we launched XLab BV - the European R&D and incubation hub of global fintech giant Wecash based at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus. Starting September 1, 2018. 

Sounds interesting? Read on! 

Some key information about Wecash XLab BV: 

  • Ever since its inception in 2014, Wecash has been on its way to transform the consumer finance experience for 3 billion people with technology
  • In 2014 and 2015, Wecash was twice recognized as one of the world's leading fintech companies.
  • More that 130 million active Wecash users already have improved access to finance across China, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Brazil (next: India & Nigeria). Innovation at its best!
  • XLab BV serves as the European R&D and incubation hub for Wecash - servicing the established +130-million strong customer base with fantastic innovations as well as creating and incubating completely new stuff for completely new markets
  • We focus on #BLOCKCHAIN, #AI, #BIGDATA - the financial industry

What would you do? 

  • Support product development as a (Junior) Developer or  (Junior) Data Scientist to disrupt the industry using: Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc.
  • Pitch your own product idea or concept and develop it with us  
  • Research opportunities for launching a crypto exchange
  • Business development to help us grow in Europe
  • Learn about our business in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, India & Nigeria (possibly exploring opportunities going forward)

We believe in reciprocity and community! You assist us and we'll assist you. Let's have a fantastic time. Let's make things happen. Simple!

What is your profile?

  • You are a student or recent graduate, currently residing in the region
  • You have a tech, business, finance, marketing, communication and/or liberal arts background
  • You are purpose-driven and eager to learn
  • You have a combination of confidence and humility
  • You have fantastic organisational, qualitative, quantitative and social skills 
  • You are enthusiastic about blockchain, crypto assets, AI and machine learning
  • You want to explore the potential of new technologies for the financial sector and the global community as a whole
  • You speak excellent English (further European and/or Asian languages welcome)

Your work will be remunerated. We are looking to create a diverse team! Boys and Girls! Let's  do this! 

Interested? Send me your CV. Let's chat! 

Sofie Roehrig
Managing Director |  XLab BV