AntibodyChain is a specialized e-procurement platform that is designed to simplify the product choice and the procurement of biologicals, reagents and laboratory chemicals. It achieves this through data enrichment, improved process control and extensive business intelligence. This makes it possible to present an objective choice, within the scope of an institution’s applicable policy criteria, to buyers and users of these products. AntibodyChain’s approach improves transparency and shortens the market chain, thus making substantial cost savings possible for the end users and buyers working at universities and teaching hospitals.

AntibodyChain works with a small team that includes the founders, Bert and Pieter Klinkenberg, Claudia Hansen, who is responsible for the back-office activities, programmers in a near-shoring team, and several freelancers. The company also benefits from the assistance of a few students from Maastricht University who also reinforce the team.

The goal of AntibodyChain is to become the ultimate procurement platform for lab chemicals in Europe over the coming years.

Version 01/12/2017