APG is a pension provider that organizes the pensions for 4.5 million people on behalf of its clients, providing the pensions of one in every five families in the Netherlands. APG works for participants in education, the government, construction, the cleaning and window-cleaning sector, housing corporations, power providers, and public utilities and social work provision. APGmanages just over 400 billion euros in pension assets for these sectors, working for over 30,000 employers, providing an income to approximately 4.5 million participants. APG administrates over 30% of all collective pension schemes in the Netherlands. Group pension schemes and social security systems have been undergoing major changes in recent years and are increasingly interdependent. That is why APG recently expanded its services to include employer services in the areas of pensions, social security and consultancy. You can find more information on the Employer Services website. APG currently offers its clients executive consultancy, asset management, pension administration, pension communication and employer services.

APG’s motto is “Tomorrow is today.” This conveys the message that APG works hard every day to ensure tomorrow’s pensions. It also underlines that a good investment strategy and sound pension management today form the basis for a good pension in the future. The motto furthermore constitutes the guideline for APG’s corporate social responsibility. The management approach in part focuses on creating a livable world for current and future generations. Sustainable regional development is one of the reasons why APG has—as founding father alongside Maastricht University and the Province of Limburg—taken the initiative to develop the Smart Services Campus in Heerlen.

APG strives for innovations in the financial/administrative cluster, developing smart services which ensure that 4.5 million clients receive advice tailored to their specific situation instead of standard solutions. Talent development and employment are a second important motivation for participating in the Smart Services Campus. Developing, training and retaining young professionals is a priority for APG—asustainable working climate for the generations of today and tomorrow.

Working and growing together

At APG, you work with approximately 3,500 colleagues to provide the pensions of 4.5 million Dutch residents. That is a big responsibility. But it is a responsibility we bear together, from the IT application manager and risk controller to the investment portfolio manager. Together, we are working now to provide the pensions of tomorrow.We ensure that you can develop your talents with training and education, both on the personal level and with respect to your job. At the beginning of the year you agree on your targets together with your manager; at the end of the year you are assessed and rewarded in relation to your performance on those. We also review your development in terms of the competences (conduct, knowledge and skills) that correspond to the position. APG offers you a working environment that encourages you to get the most out of yourself.

At APG you find various vacancies, many of them in the areas of IT, finance and asset management. We are looking for committed and ambitious colleagues with an academic background or bachelor’s degree. Analytical ability and the ability to identify with others are important, as is the drive to learn and grow and together bear responsibility for our clients.

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