The Tax and Customs Administration operates in accordance with the following starting points:

Fair play
We treat citizens and companies on an equal, impartial, respectful and supportive footing. This approach enhances confidence in the Tax and Customs Administration and reinforces its authority.

Operating swiftly
We organize our operations in such a manner that citizens who are entitled to supplements receive their monthly income support on time. Those who file a tax return, will be clearly and swiftly informed on its settlement . We are also aware that import and export controls must take as little time as possible.

Society expects us to act against those who consciously trifle with rules and regulations. The Tax and Customs Administration protects society against fiscal and social security supplements fraud. Also against persons and organizations who engage in fraud in the social service sector or in real estate or, for instance, in trafficking in drugs or fire arms.

Citizens and companies want to know what is in store for them and require clear and unambiguous information in this respect. The Tax and Customs Administration is still in the habit of sending around lots of letters in the blue envelopes that have become icons of the Administration. On the average, a taxpayer receives 8 letters a year. Occcasionally these create annoyance or confusion because more letters are sent than is strictly necessary and sometimes one has to wait a long time for a letter. The letters no longer fit into this day and age and we are on the point to do something about them. In the near future, taxpayers and receivers of supplements will be able to access their fiscal survey online at any given moment.

We are doing everything to inform you correctly at any given moment. You count on the answers you get from the taxline to be absolutely correct, just like the letters you receive. When you are an entrepreneur, you rely on not receiving any corrections on your tax return after the tax period has passed.

It is only by cooperation in partnerships that the Tax and Customs Administration is able to do its job properly. There is an increasing need for cooperation in order to collect and share information, to improve our service and to enable more effective supervision.