Bloonics platform + a drop of blood + wireless internet = reliable analysis

A recent addition to the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, Bloonics has a clear mission: to make crucial health information easily available and at an affordable price. The company is currently developing a portable diagnostic system the size of a smartphone that can analyze blood via wireless internet quickly, easily and reliably. One interesting application is a test device for marijuana use for the police in California, among others. Bloonics uses the latest developments in diagnostics, cell technology and big-data-mining methods.

Mit Patel of Bloonics: “Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus offers an attractive and valuable ecosystem specifically for new biotech startups such as Bloonics. Maastricht has a great diversity of talent, the latest equipment is easily accessible and the people are very open and friendly. We feel very welcome here.”

Version: 01/12/2017