Brightlands Materials Center

TNO and the Province of Limburg have opened a new international research and development center at Brightlands Chemelot Campus. Partners will invest 45 million euros in the new center over a period of five years. The Brightlands Materials Center will bring top scientists and industry professionals together to develop sustainable, breakthrough materials and application technologies that will change the market.

Developing an innovative materials knowledge area
The Brightlands Materials Center is an important strategic step in further developing the most innovative international materials knowledge area worldwide at Brightlands Chemelot Campus. The center will further untap the potential of polymeric materials and there is fast-growing interest in partnering with the Brightlands Materials Center.

The Province of Limburg has decided to invest 15M€ in the Brightlands Materials Center for a period of five years. TNO has committed to enabling a research volume of 15M€ by bringing together budgets from various sources.The Steering Board of the new center will consist of representatives of TNO and Chemelot Scientific Participations, representing the Province of Limburg. Marnix van Gurp and René Corbeij have been appointed managing directors of the new center.


Marnix van Gurp (Automotive)


Marnix van Gurp (Solar)