Boosting Alpha

Boosting Alpha B.V. designs and builds algorithms for quant trading (stocks, currencies, futures, options, commodities). We use the latest technologies, artificial intelligence and both financial and non-financial data sources. We are building our own proprietary A.I.-enabled Dagobert Duck Money Making Machine.

The return on any portfolio is the sum of Alpha and Beta. Beta is the return that is derived from the general development of the market/benchmark. Alpha is the specific return of the portfolio on top of the Beta. We do research to find the best Alpha factors that generate Alpha (provide predictive power). These Alpha factors can be both financial (think of balance sheet or P&L data) and non-financial (think of weather data, Google searches, Twitter data). We then build proprietary algorithms that use these Alpha factors and we properly test and tune them (backtesting on historic performance, paper trading) and run them on our own capital. Our plan is to sell subscriptions to our Algorithms (buy/sell signals) and to license Algorithms to hedge funds and corporate investors. We use the latest Fintech technologies and Artificial Intelligence techniques in finding our Alpha factors and running our Algorithms.