Circular Design Group

The Circular Design Group is a community of companies based in Northern Limburg. The initiative was started by B|A|S Research & Technology, Hotraco Group, Volantis and Dejatech. They work closely and with participating companies and affiliated knowledge institutes to develop innovative circular products, services and buildings for the industrial built environment.

Their ambition is to apply inspiration to their joint efforts to develop cradle-to-cradle sustainable concepts and products for the built environment. These innovative solutions lead to the creation of sustainable intelligent buildings that are good for the planet and positively reinforce the ecosystem.

Circular Design Group works with parties from government, business and education. Developing knowledge is not a goal in and of itself, but instead, the objective is to translate this knowledge to applied products and technologies that are scalable and economically viable. By enabling students, professors and business professionals to work together in a single community on circular products, creative, knowledge-intensive and commercially viable solutions result that are directly applicable in the market.