Volantis is a multi-disciplinary engineering and consulting firm that creates, realizes, transforms and manages (production) resources, buildings and environments. It works on both a national and international level in industry, logistics, healthcare, education, retail and residential and commercial fields. Offering all expert services at one location, from installation technology, construction, building physics, acoustics and (fire) safety to asset information management, Volantis is able to provide integrated, one-stop-shop solutions. It always does this with a focus on innovation, sustainability, safety, health, comfort and lifetime performance.
The main office is located at Villa Flora, the central meeting place at the Brightlands Greenport Venlo Campus. In addition to being a resident, Volantis is also the overall designer and adviser for this “green” office based on cradle-to-cradle principles and applying best-practice concepts when it comes to sustainable energy development.

Version 01/06/2018