BraidSec B.V. develops, manufactures and sells locking devices for bicycles (bicycle locks), motorcycles, boats
and machinery.

In BraidSec B.V. we utilize the materials expertise and apply the proven textile-technical manufacturing methods in our products. The combination of high-performance materials in one cable and the use of an innovative connection technology are the unique technological features of BraidSec B.V. These technologies can be used both in a cable bicycle lock and to lift heavy loads.

Our main product is SnailLo®. This European brand was established to arouse customer interest. It stands for "Snail" (snail) and "Lo" (lock) and describes one of the most important features of the bicycle lock, the self-winding feature. SnailLo® is a rectangular, self-winding plug-in cable bicycle lock with a weight of less than 0.5 kg, a length of at least 1.5 m and high anti-theft resistance. A targeted choice of materials ensures that the cable is felt warm and pleasant by the customer when touched. Furthermore, this outer layer prevents dents and scratches on the frame like could occur during the inattentive handling of the user with conventional steel bike locks (hard surface).