Chemelot is more than just an industrial park. It is a unique chemical and materials community that ensures accelerated business growth through the open exchange of ideas. Chemelot has been planned around one central idea: to bring together the knowledge and skills normally found only in major organizations, and to apply these within a flexible community of small and large chemical businesses, radically changing the view of the chemical industry. A growing environment for economy and working space, in 2025 belonging to the world top of chemistry and new materials. Chemelot stands for a chemically oriented area of more than 800 hectares in South Limburg. 8,000 employees are working within more than 50 companies. The site is unique because of numerous elements: the central location in South Limburg, the good accessibility by rail, road, pipeline and airport, the presence of a large number of factories that are complementary, the umbrella license, the unique collaboration between factories, research and development and pilot plants. The site also offers a number of central facilities such as utilities, a specialized fire brigade, maintenance, company emergency organization, infrastructure and regulations. Chemelot is also the name of the organization that is the central counter for the industrial complex and campus, but also for potential residents of the site, the environment and the authorities. The organization is also very active in attracting new businesses, encouraging cooperation between companies and initiating contacts with the outside world.