At Coolbrook, our mission is a cleaner, more sustainable and profitable way to produce Olefins, the key component in the production of plastics, packaging, textiles, coatings, cosmetics and more. We believe that RDR has the power to be the new global standard in Olefins production. This is certainly an ambitious goal. But we are confident that – like us – our industry is ready for new innovations and change. RDR is the solution that petrochemical producers, governments and environmental regulators, technology providers and people need – and it’s already heretoday.

RDR Technology
Coolbrook’s RDR eReactorTM is a radical innovation, a technology developed to eliminate CO2 emissions from ethylene production and make it less energy intensive while also making it more profitable and responsible. The RDR technology is a result of collaboration between world top space rocket engineers, turbomachinery scientists and chemical engineers.

Coolbrook plans to build RDR Pilot Plant as a step stone towards commercial demonstration and market launch. The Pilot Plant will be built in collaboration with Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Geleen Netherlands, an innovation ecosystem for chemical processes and plastic materials.