DSM Materials Science Center


DSM’s broad and deep understanding of materials chemistry, process technology, processing, properties and analysis & characterization, as well as its long year experience in applying this understanding in DSM’s business areas Health, Nutrition and Sustainable Living, are considered as a unique and differentiating asset.

DSM Materials Science Center (DMSC), is the 'shared' research unit that provides the 'Bright Science' foundation to the wider DSM Materials Cluster, contributing to the businesses’ research, application and product development, new business development programs and supporting in manufacturing optimization and customer needs.

DMSC, supports third parties as well with some of its expertises, specifically in analysis & characterization and process technology.

So do you have an analytical science or process technology challenge, problem or question? Whatever your challenge there’s a good chance we can solve it for you.

Analysis & Characterization / Analytical services:
Analytical data analysis and statistics, molecular structures, morphology, physical-chemical properties, quantification

Process Technology / Engineering:
Process modeling, thermodynamics, particle technology, process development and scale-up,

Interested to know more about our expertises, please contact Hans Slotema, hans.slotema@dsm.com.