FAST Automotive Group

What if the best specialists in your value chain work closely together to create solutions for tomorrows’ automotive applications?

FAST Automotive Group is an alliance of highly specialized, innovative and agile Automotive sub-suppliers of the automotive industry. We bundle the core competencies of these true specialists in various value propositions for tier-1 and -2 suppliers. Through efficient cooperation between partners along the whole product value chain and with various materials and technologies, we are able to create the best possible technological solutions while achieving shorter development leadtimes.
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Driving by technology change (electrification, digitization, new mobility concepts and autonomous driving), cost pressure and lack of technical professionals, the whole automotive industry faces enormous challenges with potential huge impact on companies. FAST offers a smart alternative to the current transactional approach while utilizing the available specialized knowledge and competences, ánd becoming more efficient and cheaper at the same time.

The FAST Automotive Group has developed a unique cooperation model for its partners, which are all well known experienced automotive suppliers, working together in an advanced business model.

Our Products & Services: