Ioniqa is a cleantech spin-off from the Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands) and is specialized in ‘smart processes’. With a patented technology Ioniqa found a circular solution for all kinds and colours of PET Polyester waste. And the ambition doesn’t stop here.

Ioniqa has discovered the key to ‘The Eternal PET Bottle’. PET Polyester (PET) is a popular plastic widely used for water and soft drink bottles, food packages, clothing and carpets. We have developed an innovative process to upcycle all types and colours of PET waste into high quality pure raw materials, suitable for any new PET application. This process can be repeated endlessly with no degradation in quality. The best news is that the upcycled raw materials can compete in both cost and quality with ‘virgin’ raw materials, produced from crude oil – and the Ioniqa process creates 4 times less CO2 emissions. The circular solution fits seamlessly into the existing PET production infrastructure and remains profitable in a market with low oil prices. In other words: we found a profitable circular solution for all PET waste in the world.