Lamoral® Coatings


The mission of Lamoral® is drastically to reduce the replacement of materials and opening new markets through a unique technology and key collaborations with diverse industries.

In the unceasing battle against time, the pursuit for longevity has long evaded men.
We have taken one giant step ahead of the curve, producing a game-changing technology that preserves and strengthens a wide range of materials to ensure that they last longer than a lifetime.

We started out on this mission to push the boundaries of technology and time to create a beautiful world sustainable enough for future generations to enjoy; this future is now!
We have created a disruptive technology allowing us to control the effects of time.

Lamoral® is a micron-size unnoticeable and transparent fluoro-polymer matrix based coating,
2 times thinner than human protective structure such as hair, offering:
1. Durable repellance
2. Durable colour protection
3. Durable corrosion protection
4. Human ecology and reach compliance