Shap3d Up

Personalized breast prosthesis

One on 7 women will have breast cancer within the NL alone and this amount is only increasing. From 17 thousand women last year to 20 thousand women in the year 2020. One third of these women will have a breast amputation.

The only non invasive option they have now are confection made external breast prosthesis like one size fits all. 

In our preliminary investigation we learned that the current external breast prosthesis become very warm and sweaty, they are heavy and they move around during the day. 

We want to give women back their confidence and offer them more comfort.

By developing a new generation of external breast prosthesis using new technics like 3D scanning and 3D printing in combination with new material. 

3D scanning enables us to customize them and 3D printing allows us to personalize them and to scale up. Combine this with the right properties in a material which also can be 3D printed and you can offer a range of solutions.

Through an online platform women can scan – personalize - order and pay their breast prosthesis which then will be produced and send to their homes as a beautiful present.

In 2017 the idea was first pitched at De Nederlandse Versnellingstafels and after this also at the Brightlands Innovation Factory. Here we joined their incubators program. 

End 2017 Shap3dUp was founded by Monica and Sjef.