White Mountain Business Legal

White Mountain Business Legal now brings 25 years of business & legal experience at your fingertips – on a flexible basis!

Any large company has it’s own in-house legal counsel on the payroll. They do this for good reason: their lawyers are business people who happen to have a legal background. They handle 90% of the work, participate in negotiations, while the remaining 10% of the work is given to outside counsel. Generally considered the best and most economic set-up.

Until your company has reached that stage, you do not have this luxury; yet the needs of a growing company are no different! And perhaps even more important as size and vulnerabity determine that impact that one bad deal or one bad contract may have on your company. You may be facing ahead of you this tricky yet all-important business deal that you hesitate how to get your arms around, and how to bring it to the finish line.

No more! White Mountain Business Legal now offers to companies at Brightlands Chemelot Campus the possibility to consult, on the spot, experienced business legal advise on a flexible basis.

It’s founder Hans Meijer uniquely combines more than 2,5 decades of experience in Business, in Legal, in Marketing, and in Strategy Deployment.

White Mountain, active since 2016 and now setting up office at Brightlands, will be happy to brainstorm with you and render to you valuable advise (and of course hands-on support) on Strategy matters, on Deal Structuring (whether a ‘one-off’ deal like an acquisition or a divestment, a structural cooperation like a JV, or anything in between); on Deal Negotiation, and, last but not least: Deal Documentation - it’s not over until signed and sealed!

You will get very much ‘hands-on’ support, practical and realistic approaches, and will have access to excellent negotiation skills. You determine what support you will end up hiring in.

Last but not least: all too easily people forget the  (unfortunately true) saying that ‘in negotiations, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate’. You and your colleagues worked too hard to get to where you are today to deprive yourself of the best support in preparing for and realizing your next move.

Happy to discuss your challenges, and to effectively deal with them!