Chemelot InSciTe

Chemelot InSciTe (Institute for Science & Technology) is a new generation public-private partnership in which parties jointly invest in developing marketable biobased materials that place a lower burden on the environment and biomedical material solutions for a sustainable and affordable health care in an era of an ever more ageing population and concomitantly rising costs.

InSciTe brings together the drive, knowledge and expertise of talented scientists and progressive entrepreneurs working in the field of biobased and biomedical materials. The biobased program is aimed at optimizing the chain of sustainable raw materials. This may, for example, involve the smarter manufacturing of materials through the development of new chemical processes that can be applied on a large scale. The biomedical program aimes at developing smart, sustainable and healing materials that enable the body to ultimately heal itself.

InSciTe is a partnership of Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Eindhoven University of Technology, DSM, Maastricht University together with Maastricht University Medical Center+, and its work is supported by the availability of pilot plant and RT&D facilities at Brightlands Chemelot Campus.

Chemelot InSciTe

Emiel Staring