Consense Data Exchange

At Consense Data Exchange we aim to connect health research with the general public.

We live in the age of an overflow of data such as your smartphone apps, your wearable device or your health records. While companies generate profit from analyzing user's data, researchers struggle to access information about patient's health. With the rise of new data protection regulations, the control over personal data lays in hand of the data subject, the individual. Imagine that you are clearly informed about how your data benefits medical research. If you could specify your own terms and conditions, would you share it?

Consense wants to offer individuals the possibility to engage with health research by offering a platform in which they can view, share and connect with health research studies. Also, we want to enable them to give permission to use their information under secure and trustworthy conditions by using a digital informed consent.

On the other side of the platform, we want to enable research institutions and individual investigators to access a pool of interested participants and to digitize and streamline the informed consent process. We ensure a secure and trustworthy digitation of the process by using blockchain technology. Ethereum blockchain will enable us to provide a timestamped proof of signed consent, an immutable consent history and an auditable consent process.

We aim to bring health science closer to you. We want to enable a smoother and open transfer of information for health research in a secure and privacy enhancing way.

Version: 22/12/2017