Convoi Facilitating Change

Convoi is a full service supplier for their clients and has two focus points as core business: Convoi Relocations and Convoi Electrical & Automation.

The Convoi Relocation Engineers focus on: Project Relocations, Industrial Relocations and Machine Installations. If you need to install, dismantle or relocate your equipment, production line or complete plant including all electrical facilities and offices, Convoi is the one to call.

Convoi Project Relocations specializes in the relocation of businesses, hospitals, schools, institutions, museums, warehouses the size of football fields, offices of over 2,000 workstations, airports, and even unique pieces such as Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’.

Industrial Relocations, any relocation of any machine, production line or plant, to or from any location in the world. For over 80 years Convoi has been carrying out industrial relocations. Our ‘relocation engineers’ have the right type of training, knowledge, and experience for carrying out any industrial relocations, Successfully and Anywhere in the world.

Machine Installation, Convoi has the expertise, equipment, and personnel who are able to transport, unload, measure, position, assemble, install, align and commission your new piece of machinery.

The Convoi Electrical & Automation Engineers are specialized on Electrical Installations and Automation Solutions covering almost the complete field of Electrical and Automation expertise.

Convoi Electrical & Automation focuses on the design and realization, commissioning and maintenance of industrial facilities in the field of Electrical Engineering and Automation.
Convoi Electrical & Automation combines many years of knowledge and expertise with a practical structured approach resulting in appropriate solutions

Knowledge and Expertise

  • Design and Consultancy of Electrical and Control Systems
  • High Voltage and Power Distribution
  • Industrial Automation and System Integration
  • Inspections and Risk Assessments
  • Safety systems
  • Electrical and Instrument infrastructure incl. Lighting  and Access Control
  • Maintenance
  • Project Management and Procurement

Convoi Facilitating Change