CyTuVax is a young biotech enterprise (2012), founded to develop prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines. CyTuVax’ business idea is based on the invention that depot-formulated cytokines, interaction molecules of the immune system, enhance immune responses in an unprecedented manner when applied in extremely high local density.

CyTuVax achieved the first clinical proof of concept in a Phase I trial with a hepatitis B vaccine for non-responders. 90% of the non-responders became responders when injected with CyTuVax’ cytokine-depot adjuvanted hepatitis B vaccine. Currently this new vaccine is tested in a Phase II trial in the Netherlands and Belgium.

CyTuVax is also developing novel, personalized vaccines for treatment of cancer based on its multi-cytokine adjuvant and neo-antigens derived from the patient’s tumor cells.

Version: 29/01/2017