InnoSyn - Tomorrow’s chemistry. Today.

InnoSyn offers a team of passionate & experienced problem solvers, applying innovative and cost-efficient technologies to advance competitiveness of our customers across the (fine) chemical industries.


Looking for a new, scalable route to your chemical compound of interest? Our unbiased approach which technology to use has proven it’s value over and over again. Typically starting from an idea on paper we will deliver in close alignment with our customers.


Facing challenges on your cost of goods of your products, or on the quality? Our over 25 years of experience of optimizing plant processes can add substantial value to your business.


Looking for manufacturing capacity for your new chemical product, or in need for production of a specific chemical? We have multi-purpose pilot plants to offer. Just lab recipes, or top tech packages, we will be pleased to help you out.

Our mission

We are the innovative partner using state-of-the-art-technology in the research and development of new and existing chemical processes.

Our Approach

In response to increasing numbers of customers expressing interest in outsourcing the research and development of reliable, cost-effective manufacturing processes, InnoSyn has been launched.

The concept behind this is to provide customers with a cost efficient, greener and more convergent way to manufacturing [with] shorter, more sustainable manufacturing processes.

Our Technologies

Biocatalysis -Latest additions to the large biocatalysis platforms at InnoSyn are P450’s and hydratases to obtain very effectively and selectively hydroxylated compounds.

Chemocatalysis – Next to very efficient approaches to secondary chiral amines, Innosyn has recently developed and applied several catalytic deuterations for larger scale synthesis of deuterated intermediates for new deuterated drug candidates

Flow Chemistry - 3D printed metal flow reactors for maximal flexibility to design the ideal assets for our customer’s most challenging reactions (organometallics, hazardous chemistry, etc.)

Photochemistry - Scalable falling film photochemistry assets were installed in both the lab and pilot plant of Innosyn, both with mercury and monochromatic LED-based lamps.

Crystallization - One of the strongest techniques for the chemical purification of organic compounds. Innosyn has developed crystallization protocols to obtain enantiomerically pure compounds quantitatively, sometimes even without the help of any other chiral reagent


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