The European Medical Training Center, better known as EM-TRAC, is an initiative of the Cardiovascular Center Maastricht UMC+ (CVC Maastricht). The CVC Maastricht is a center of excellence for complex, highly-specialized care, ground-breaking scientific research, teaching and training in the area of cardiovascular diseases.

The aim of EM-TRAC is to create an international medical teaching environment in which doctors and other healthcare professionals (such as lab technicians, managers and nurses) can increase their cardiovascular knowledge and skills in accordance with the latest developments in technology and science.

The ultimate aim is to provide a healthier future for cardiovascular patients by investing in optimally trained and doctors and healthcare professionals. The CVC Maastricht seeks to achieve this by organizing internationally recognized education and training for cardiovascular specialist, fellows, technicians, and nurses who will learn from the leading specialists in the CVC Maastricht.

Version: 22/12/2017