Pie Medical Imaging

Pie Medical Imaging (PMI) develops software for quantitative analysis in cardiology and radiology and is well-known for its product CAAS (Cardiovascular Angio Graphic Analysis System). PMI is a world leader in cardiovascular quantitative analysis. The CAAS software assists physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. CAAS is also used in research to study the efficiency of new treatment methods. PMI products are enhanced using the advanced 3D visualization and planning software from 3mensio Medical Imaging. These products with CT imaging provide the physician insight into patient pathology and ensure proper sizing of implants. Both CAAS and 3mensio's applications can be installed on standard PCs. CAAS software is also available for use in the cath lab and is integrated into the image acquisition systems of the leading cath lab suppliers and on the imaging workstations of major PACS vendors.

Version: 22/12/2017