At Flowid, we believe in solutions that increase safety, efficiency and flexibility of the process industry that lie far beyond the beaten track. To reach these Flowid takes a truly different approach based on continuous technologies.
We develop process solutions and products that can be implemented in all stages of the process industry: from lab to pilot plants. Our solutions are easily scalable from prototype to full scale production capacity. At the Brightlands Chemelot Camplus we have a pilot production setup available equipped with a SpinPro Reactor and a SpinPro Extractor.

We like to think beyond existing standards and principles. We combine our customers' indispensable process knowledge and our own expertise and technology to create safe, efficient and flexible solutions that line up perfectly with our customers’ needs. In addition, our solutions have a great look & feel and have very user friendly interfaces, which put the user firmly in control of all their processes.

‘Beyond Standards’ is Flowid’s slogan for a reason. We have an open approach. Starting with getting a thorough understanding about a process by listening and questioning your experts. During the engineering phase we don’t jump to conclusions. We have a variety of equipment available for testing to eliminate the unknown and uncertain. A fully equipped laboratory and a two dedicated pilot halls are part of Flowid’s infrastructure. Testing is therefore possible on laboratory, pilot and production scale. Scaling up between the three is what we do best.