Gispen is well known for its workspace design and fit-out services. As a designer, producer and supplier, Gispen creates optimum environments that have a positive influence on people. Gispen works from the conviction that well-designed products and smartly furnished rooms are inspiring and motivating. The core values Sustainability, Innovation, Inspiration and Design have been the starting point for almost 100 years. Intensive cooperation with national and international designers, clients, partners and suppliers contributes significantly to the development and realisation of innovative solutions for working, learning, health care and living environments that bring out the best in people.

Circular Economy
The next step for Gispen is the step towards Circular Economy, which also corresponds seamlessly with our core values.

We strive to make sustainable usage more valuable than ownership. Maximising value preservation is the aim when creating home- and working design concepts. Product re-use, recycling of components and recovery of raw materials are prioritised during this process. Whenever possible, our products are easy to disassemble and the flows of material are easily separated at the end of their life cycle.