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About Innervate
ICT is increasingly becoming an integral part of our society. Consumers and businesses alike utilize, consciously and unconsciously, many forms of ICT.  In the years to come, new innovations will usher now unthinkable possibilities and opportunities. Our rapidly changing and complex ICT world requires deliberate and result-oriented choices.

Our mission at Innervate is to help customers make relevant and, above all, conscious choices with respect to ICT policy frameworks, organizational preconditions, partner selection and innovative technologies. Starting with the business strategy, this process presents and ensures strategic, tactical and operational issues from policy up to implementation. Empathy, innovativeness, and interpersonal values are qualities that distinguish our business proposition, which makes the difference for your organization.

Innervate is THE advisory partner for ICT strategy and ICT technology issues. We translate your business strategy into a specific ICT policy and, through (ICT) business consultancy and ICT technology consultancy, collaboratively aim to realize improvements and changes. We challenge your ‘key users’ in such a way that the right decisions are made cohesively on strategic, tactical and operational level.

Our service is aimed to optimize, mobilize, innovate and increase the flexibility of your organization and business model. Our portfolio is visualized in the following figure:

Innervate is rooted in the society of Limburg. We cordially support the provincial campus and LED initiatives. In addition to our main office at Maastricht Airport, we can also be found at Brightlands. This presence enables us to get a clear view of (Brightlands-specific) ICT questions. Combined with our (15 years of) extensive project experience and best practices, this directly provides added value for you.

Try it out for yourselves and make use of our free intake ICT consultation by email or call: +31653400561.