Knowfort Technologies

Knowfort is your port to game-changing technologies. Active primarily in the field of materials, we license cutting-edge, sustainable and innovative technologies.

Active in existing and emerging markets
Knowfort delivers the knowledge to solve major existing problems in various markets, such as food packaging. Furthermore, we develop technologies for promising emerging markets, such as flexible display and solar industry.

A technology licensing company
Our intellectual property portfolio consists of both worldwide granted patents and associated know-how. Use all this to bring value to both your costumers and your shareholders. Find out how our innovative technologies can decrease production costs and at the same time increase the performance of your products, which results in accelerated revenue growth.

Knowfort licenses both proven technologies, but also embryonic or pilot-scale technologies which still need to be developed to full commercialisation. In cooperation with external parties, we develop these technologies from any stage between conceptual level, proof-of-principal and pilot-line onwards to an industrial scale adapted to the customer. Our team of skilled technicians and scientists assists you step-by-step to implement our technologies in your companies, but also work with you to improve and develop new applications.