Koenen en Co

Koenen en Co is a full service business consultant in the southern part of the Netherlands. Together with our clients, our consultants look at all aspects of clients' business and by doing so come up with successful solutions. Koenen en Co's key values are: integrity, co-operation and innovation and it is our goal to exceed clients expectations.

Originally Koenen en Co operated as an audit and tax advisory firm, but in order to add more value to client services a couple of years ago Koenen en Co extended their business lines with multi-disciplinary business consultants. All professionals are solutions driven and aim to work complementary to one another when it comes to servicing clients. From managerial experts to subsidy advisors, from legal advisors to HR consultants, from business experts to IT professionals. In other words, a total package of services to offer a solution for all our clients strategic, tactical and operational business issues.

Services include:

  • Financial administration
  • Management information
  • Auditing
  • IT advisory & assurance
  • International tax advice
  • Financial planning, estate and inheritance consultancy
  • Value-added tax
  • Income and corporate tax advice
  • Pension/retirement advice
  • Managerial solutions
  • Corporate finance
  • Subsidy advice
  • HR advice
  • Payroll services
  • Legal advice.

Specialisms/Sectors include:

  • Agri- and horticulture team
  • Automotive team
  • Innovation team
  • Retail team
  • Healthcare team.