At LPS, we love challenges. That is why we join and assist our clients in developing and carrying out their research with a diligent focus on chemical reactor systems and smart chemical solutions. No matter how complex a case, we are confident that our robust approach may and will provide you the tools you need to achieve the best results.

(Bio)chemical processes can be of enormous complexity, with the smallest of alterations having a big impact on the results. That is why we, at LPS, combine many years of experience in the industry with our technical expertise and a detailed engineering approach. Like true architects, we start every case by developing a concept idea together with our clients through brainstorm sessions. After the initial brainstorms, our DNA is injected into each case by the User Requirement Specifications, Process Flow Diagrams and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams. These necessary steps help us to shape and finalise the state of the art reactor for your research goals.

Our products and services include:

  • Technical services: designing and developing unique reactors and pilot plants for your research, co-developed with the end-users using (y)our talent and skills. Our tailor-made reactor is our benchmark; that is why we proudly call ourselves ‘Architects in Chemistry’.
  • Chemical solutions: LPS also provides a surprisingly broad range of more than 20.000 different salts, reagents, solvents and reference solutions, all produced by carefully selected and renowned partners.
  • Standalone components and smart solutions: LPS is the authorised sales- and service partner for Huber, world market leader in professional thermostats. Moreover, we for obvious reasons also develop our own standalone pieces of equipment (among which a standard reactor). These ‘smart ideas’, have entered the market with our own brand name Ossum Instruments.

Feel free to contact us anytime to see what our experienced and unique approach can do for your research! Try the LPS touch, check us out!