We are located at Oxfordlaan nr. 55 on the second floor. Due to our presence at the Brightlands Health Campus Maastricht, we are close to the companies and institutes that are active in Limburg and at Brightlands. This allows us to further strengthen the relationship with our clients which makes it possible to give targeted advice. We are proud of our personal involvement and we ensure to protect your ideas and inventions as good as possible.

We are:

Winand Habets is founder of Life Science Patents (LSP) and has more than 15 years’ experience as a European and Dutch patent attorney in Life Sciences, biotechnology and molecular biology.

‘’What I like most is to express complicated matters in simple layman’s language so as to provide advice that is really helpful to the clients.’’


Rike Dekker is Senior European and Dutch patent attorney with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of materials, pharmaceuticals and nutrition.

"After a career at a large multinational, I recently joined AOMB. I like to learn about different technologies and, based on my experience, really think along with the client."


George Seezink is Senior European and Dutch patent attorney at AOMB and has been working for 15 years in this profession. George is an expert in mechanical technology, medical technology and medical devices.

''I think it's important that clients feel that they are in good hands, my personal approach is central to achieving an optimal result for my clients.’’


Marie-José Stoelinga has been a Paralegal for over 15 years. She has extensive knowledge of IP procedures. She provides all kinds of support to the Maastricht office of AOMB.

‘’I am very versatile. I like to be in direct contact with the clients and make sure everything runs smoothly.”

AOMB does not make anyone unique: entrepreneurs do that themselves. What we do is help to build, maintain or strengthen a distinctive position in the market with ideas or (technical) inventions. We do this by properly protecting ideas and inventions and making optimum use of them, so that you remain ahead of the competition. Both SMEs, Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) and multinationals in various industries rely on our broad knowledge of patents, brands, models and plant breeders' rights. Our office has patent attorneys in the field of mechanical engineering, life sciences, chemistry, electrical engineering, software and physics. We also employ trademark and design attorneys and experts in the field of Plant Variety Rights. The integrated efforts of these IP-specialists, both at national and international level, combined with our 50 years’ experience, makes us unique.

A total of 27 professionals work at AOMB, spread across two offices in Eindhoven, one in The Hague, one in Arnhem and one in Maastricht. We have an additional office in Poland and we’re connected to fellow IP consultants in Europe with the AIPEX- network.


Valuable knowledge deserves smart protection

Version: 30/11/2018