School for Cardiovascular Diseases

CARIM is one of the top institutes for translational cardiovascular research in Europe. It is among the world leaders in the fields of research into vascular and thrombotic disorders and atrial fibrillation, as well as translational heart failure research. It has also made important international contributions to molecular imaging in the cardiovascular field.

Cardiovascular scientists from around the world have joined CARIM because it values open communication, close cooperation, high ambitions, excellent facilities, and a critical learning environment.


The research within CARIM is divided into three lines. Each line consists of more interdisciplinary research programmes, each led by a Principal Investigator (PI). The PIs are responsible for the scientific progress of the programme, the mentoring of PhD students and post-docs, and the financials of the programme.


CARIM combines high-level scientific research with high-level education of young researchers, and is therefore qualified as a research school by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and recognised as an international training site for Early Stage Researchers by the European Union.

CARIM offers a flexible and integrated education and training programme that suits individual ambitions of our students. The education programme consists of a specialization within the FHML master's programmes in Biomedical Sciences and Physician-Clinical Investigator (MSc/MD) and a contiguous PhD (doctoral) training programme.

Version: 22/12/2017