DNAMito products enable personalization of treatment. Radiation therapy may be personalized based on multiple factors specific to a patient – including genetic information. Oncologists will greatly benefit from the decision support system that helps them integrate multiple patient factors in the treatment decisions.

DNAmito imagines a future where chronic diseases could be predicted early enough to give an individual an opportunity to improve his/her lifestyle. This has the potential to personalize disease management and avoidance, improve the quality of life and control the ballooning costs of chronic disease management for the population.

The DNAmito team is comprised of world class genomics and data scientists, accomplished entrepreneurs, software and product developers, clinical and industry experts, bringing years of experience and success to the company. They cultivate our strong innovative culture and work tirelessly to help our team to scale and succeed. The DNAmito strategic advisory team has a wealth of experience in medical research, clinical oncology and regulatory. The members of the strategic advisory team come from leading academic institutions, medical practices as well as medical device companies. DNAmito has a strategic partnership and licensing agreement with the Maastro Clinic and Maastricht University. Through this partnership, DNAmito has access to leading cancer research centers in Europe, Asia and the U.S.







Version: 19/06/2018